Specialist in Micro Machinery to access where others can’t.

Micro Mini Excavators

We specialise in micro mini earth moving and landscaping machinery, excellent for those hard to reach places, easy to transport between sites and simple to operate & service.

We also build, here in the UK, our own budget micro excavator for private users made exclusively for us by our suppliers.

Have a look at our products page to find a machine to suit your requirements & budget.

To complement our range of machines, we also offer a selection of attachments.

GeoRipper Mini Trenchers

We are UK Distributors of Mini Trenchers from GeoRipper, a range of  power handheld trenchers for many applications, made in New Zealand and widely used in the USA.

GeoRipper’s mini trenchers cut a clean trenche 1.5″ wide and over 2 feet deep for the laying of cables, pipes, irrigation, root pruning, drainage channels and other applications

See the GeoRipper UK website for further information and the full range on offer.

We are currently looking for dealers and stockists throughout the UK. Contact us for details on this opportunity.

Download GeoRipper brochure

Testimonials and press releases

“The Micro Mini Digger is sturdy, versatile and easy to use (…) there’s no denying it does what it says on the tin!”

Malcolm Bates, NFU Countryside Magazine

“This product you have deserves to succeed, big time, every thing about it impresses. The build quality, the customer care and information given, the delivery system, and from all of this, I suspect your customer back up is just as good. Thank everyone involved in France and wish them good luck.”

Paul & Lynne Bennett – Cornwall April 2017

“This little digger has proved to be very useful… It fits easily into the storage building as the roll bar is not too high and it is very light and easy to transport… The fuel consumption is excellent, we used very little petrol and it is a pleasure to be near a small petrol engine rather than a diesel… I would highly recommend this machine to anyone who needs a simple machine for smaller jobs at a cost-effective price.”

Stephen Wright – Lancashire November 2017

“Thank you for the AX24.  It will be no news to you that we find it extraordinarily versatile and very well engineered.  We are ploughing through clearing the rubbish, scrub and roots with great enjoyment.  So far the AX24 (Andy calls it the Wasp (?)) has not found a job it cannot beat. All the best.”

Giles – Suffolk January 2019

“What a great little machine! After the odd “break dancing digger” moment, or two – different controls take a few attempts to sink in – it has devoured everything I’ve thrown it’s way. The ground here is hard red iron oxide clay, but it just eats it up and spits it out.”

Paul – Algarve, Portugal April 2019

Editorial in Power Equipment Trade magazine, February 2017. Click here to read the showroom announcement.


Market review in Earthmovers magazine issue 155 March 2017. Click here to order a back issue.